About Us


Woman Owned

M&M Home Health Service LLC is completely woman owned and operated. Established in early 2018, M&M is known for their undoubted loyalty and dedication to provide five-star quality care from the comforts of home. 


Our goal

Unfortunately,  more often than not, it seems as though seniors are moved to a care  home far before their time. Because of this, we are passionately  committed to keeping your loved one at home and enjoying the freedom  that comes with it.


Why M&M?

We believe there are many factors to weigh in when reviewing you or your loved one's health. For example, a full nights rest, well balanced meals, stimulating activities, and much more can all play a vital role in one's overall health.

Because of this, we work hard here at M&M to make sure you or your loved one has all of that and more while maintaining a sense of independence at home.